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Superpowers are accessible to everyone. These superpowers I refer to are spiritual in nature, and far more effective than the ones seen in Marvel comics. Want to see the future? Communicate with Divine Entities? Read other’s intentions, emotions, and thoughts? Do you want to be a human B.S. detector? The answer is, duh.


These abilities are available to everyone, though few look deep enough to excavate these gifts, even fewer lack the trust and courage to embody them. This is a guide for all of those who are ready to discard their limited beliefs and awaken as a Spiritual Superhero.




  • Identify your spiritual superpowers

  • No longer be an empath victim. You will learn to control the energy in any relationship, room, or situation.

  • Begin to learn how to energetically and spiritually heal yourself and others.

  • Become a B.S. detector.

  • You will be able to see clearly, receive visions, hone your intuition, receive inspiration, and stay on your path.

  • You will look at your shadows that have been holding you back—don’t pout! It’s not so bad. In fact, it’s the key.

  • You will bring these shadows to light and they will become your secret weapons. See!

  • You will learn how to become “un-botherable.”

  • You will “find your unstoppable.”

  • You will find an inner resource that cannot be taken away from you and never runs out.

  • You will learn how to control your own radiance (bye, bye, Mac cosmetics) that when you walk into a room, people will wonder “who is that miraculous being?”


You in?




Consciousness training


All Levels of Experience and Abilities are tended to. Take our assessment to determine the best Pathway to begin:

  • Seeker

  • Co-creator

  • Spiritual Superhero

  • Mystic

Psychic/ESP Training




In order to begin this conscious and spiritual work, you must know the difference between the consciousness of the four I’s.


  • Illusion

  • Imagination

  • Intuition

  • Inspiration


A proper student in their spiritual powers knows the difference between the first two and the last two and can further distinguish between Intuition and Inspiration. Learn to hone Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Telepathy, Psychometry, Remote Viewing, and more. 

Mediumship + Channeling Training


All Levels of Experience and Abilities are welcome. Some things to expect: 

  • Using different parts of your mind to connect to Divine entities

  • Communicating to passed loved ones

  • Receiving information or images from beyond the 3D realm on earth.

  • Channeling your benevolent Higher Power

Energetic + SPIRITUAL Healing training


From experienced Energy Healers to newly acknowledged Emapths, this track will take you from compassionate to a miraculous and loving vessel of healing for anyone, anything, or any situation or environment you choose. You will learn to provide the following:

  • Spiritual healings at the emotional and transpersonal level

  • Physical healing and relief

  • Instantaneously increase the vibration of any environment you're in 

  • Healing past traumas for yourself and facilitating this process from the Divine to the one you are working with

  • Channel Divine Infinite Power to level up anyone who wishes to bring healing to this world and beyond.

four aspects of limitless potential

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The Four Pillars of Limitlessness

Consciousness | Psi | Mediumship | Healing

Brandon Kneefel is a published author and authority on spiritual mysticism, religions, shamanic healing,  extra-sensory abilities, and mediumship. He is the host of Spiritual Superhero Podcast: Contrarian Views for Spirituality and Society and Crystal Queer.


Brandon calls upon his life experiences that increased his connection with the Divine Creator, such as:

  • Being disowned at 16 when he came out as gay;

  • Months of homelessness on the streets Dallas and Los Angeles;

  • Time spent in psychiatric wards and jail;

  • Starring on reality TV shows;

  • And overcoming addiction and alcoholism.


Through his spiritual abilities and holistic health and energetic healing knowledge, he teaches how, despite his mental health diagnoses (and there were many) and trials, he was being profoundly initiated into a new role in this new world.


Brandon founded the Haus of Mystics to help emerging healers, psychics, spiritual teachers, and mediums develop their abilities. His gifts led him to develop an all-in-one technique called Mediumship Healing which has become his trademark offering. His mentees and peers often refer to him as “the real-life Professor X."


founder +spiritual director

Brandon’s Mission Statement: Empowering Emerging Holistic Healers + Spiritual Superheroes





  • Holistic Arts Institute, Holistic Health Practitioner: 360 curriculum and practicum hours from Reiki Shamanism to Energetic Healing. Instructor: Theda Renee Floyd, PhD, BS, RN

  • Inspire Spiritual Communities, Licensed and Certified Spiritual Practitioner and Counselor: 416 course hours and 1,000 counseling hours. Instructor: Rev. Jesse Brune-Horan

  • Colby Rebel International, Advanced Mediumship One-to-One Coaching: one semester. Instructor: Colby Rebel

  • Dr. Michael Lennox, Advanced Astrology: 100 hours. Instructor: Dr. Michael Lennox.



Brandon starred in Logo and Vh1 TV’s Finding Prince Charming. Brandon has lectured at more than twenty colleges across the country on spirituality, faith-based issues, LGBTQ+ issues, and intersectionality.


He’s also has been seen across Viacom networks for the special Addiction in America and MTV U.S. and MTV UK’s PSA Coming Out in 60 secs.