Sacred Sexuality Challenge + 2 Clarification Calls with Brandon

Sacred Sexuality Challenge + 2 Clarification Calls with Brandon

$177.00 with Early Sign Up (Value of $600)


This include everything below, plus:


TWO 30 minute Clarification Calls with Brandon (1 at the beginning of the week and 1 at the end).


You can use this time for a reading, healing, counseling, or coaching!




This is For You If…


  • You feel like there is authentic space to get to know other men without the pressure of sex or fear of rejection

  • You want a new experience with love, romance, sex, and intimacy

  • You’re ready for a transcendent, spiritual experience with regard to your own sacred sexuality

  • You wish the gay community felt more like a community

  • You want to learn to be present with your sexuality and deepen intimacy with any partner you have—whether if it’s a partner just for the night or a decades long marriage

  • You feel like your spark for life is fizzing out and know that this energetic power inside of you is linked to your sexual energy, creativity, passion, and zest for love

  • You know that there is a deeper, more meaningful purpose for gay/queer men as a community

  • You wish you had more gay/queer male close friends

  • You’ve been discouraged by lack of connection through online apps

  • You want to understand how to develop self-worth and self-love, and how it’s cultivated differently for gay/queer men




  • Coaching + Accountability: You will get intimate with a Q&A with Brandon and other Gay/Bi/Queer men
  • Private Tribe: Access to other men through a private “Apollo’s Ring" group who are also committed to personal and spiritual growth.
  • Discussions that you’ve always wanted to have but never had the place for it!
  • Game-Changing Techniques for Deeper Connection with Other Men: You will learn never before shared techniques that Brandon uses with his one-on-one clients and inner circle. 
  • De-Code: You will be given simple secrets on how to master intimacy and self-love.
  • Exclusive Content: Daily Videos, Exercises + Insight to Reignite Your Passions for Meaningful Connection + and Powerful Purpose.
  • 7 Days, 30 mins a day is all it will take to transform your perception of yourself and thus altering your relationships and place in the world for the better. 


Also, you will also receive: 


  • Brandon’s Never Before Published Secrets on Attraction: Become Rejection-Proof Guidebook

  • 30% off any one-to-one session with Brandon


Entered for a chance to win:

  • Empowered Male Supplement Gift Set - ($250 value)

  • Biofeedback Reading with the extremely rare Indigo Machine - ($400 value)


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