Apollo's Ring

Imagine a Group of Gay Men that's a cross between a Mastermind + Burning Man...


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Deepen your spiritual connection with your own concept of a Higher Power.


Discover the seat of your passion and power through intimacy with yourself and others.


Develop a core community of men walking down the same road as you, bonding, growing, and celebrating.


Define your true self through self-acceptance, commitment to growth, and discovering your soul's highest calling. 

ABOUT Apollo's Ring

Apollo's Ring


Apollo’s Ring is a collective of gay/bi/queer men committed to embracing their sexuality and spirituality to build community and celebration of transcendence using love and truth. 


Through in-person events, parties, and celebrations and online workshops, courses, and chats, we create a community of inclusion, creation, exploration, healing, and connection. 




Apollo, God of the Sun, light, healing, music, dance, archery, truth, vision, prophecy, and poetry. Considered the most beautiful god, he presides over the Muses, wards of evil, and instituted the Oracle of Delphi. 


One of the most profound chapters of his story involves Hyacinth, a beautiful Spartan prince. Hyacinth was coveted by the West wind Zphyrus, the North wind Boreas, and a mortal man named Thamyris. However, Hyacinth and Apollo were in love and were bound to each other. Apollo taught to his lover about music, archery, the art of prophecy, and exercises in the gymnasium.


One day, when they were playing a game of disks, Apollo launched one high into the sky. Hyacinth ran behind it to catch it and impress Apollo. But as the discus hit the ground, it bounced back, striking Hyacinth in the head.


Rushing to Hyacinth, Apollo's held his lover in his arms. He used all his healing abilities, however, Apollo couldn't cure the wound done by the Fates. Hyacinth died. Apollo wept, blaming himself, and wished to become a mortal to join his lover in the underworld. Though no other gods could enter the underworld. From Hyacinth's blood that was spilled, Apollo created a flower, the hyacinth. This flower was considered by the Greeks to be the most beautiful of all flowers.


As time passed, Apollo was able to resurrect Hyacinth and they lived on in the heavens.

While Thamyris, the mortal, never won over the love of his life, he is known to be the first man to have ever loved another man. 

Through Apollo’s oversight of vision, music, lyrics, dance, healing, fitness, and light, we are linked in this broad, beautiful, and miraculous ring of influence. 

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Brandon Kneefel


Brandon Kneefel, RMT is an author and authority on spirituality, energetic healing, and extra-sensory gifts as a Licensed Spiritual Counselor, Clairvoyant Medium, and Certified Holistic Healer. He founded and runs Haus of Mystics, a community of healers + spiritual superheroes committed to becoming unstoppable in sharing their gifts to benefit the world. Through events, courses, and certification programs, Haus of Mystics is empowering emerging modern mystics.

Brandon is often referred to by his students, mentees, and clients as "The Real-Life Professor X" I love the archetype of X-Men's Professor Xavier because of his mission, which, in ways, is my own.


What is Professor X’s mission:

1. To empower those with super abilities to be able to use them to help the world. AND

2. To create unity and harmony on the planet, believing these superheroes are the way.


You can find out more about him HERE!